A completely new way of Tracking

Mable is a new kind of tracking tool that, with the help of a unique & innovative architecture, allows you to reliably track 100% of the conversions in your store again. With the help of our dashboard, you keep the complete overview and full control of which data flows where. Mable can be connected to the Facebook API to immediately enhance the performance of your Facebook campaigns after iOS 14.5.

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mable's benefits
at a glance.

benefit #2

Reliable Numbers in your FB-Business Manager

Not only the algorithm benefits from the more complete data, but also your daily work in the Business Manager. With the help of Mable, conversion numbers become reliable again and allow you to scale your campaigns in a simple and controlled way.

benefit #1

Enhanced algorithm performance

With the help of Mable’s unblockable tracking architecture, technical obstacles such as ad blockers or iOS 14.5 are overcome. As a result, the Facebook algorithm has more data at its disposal again, enabling it to run more efficient and profitable campaigns.

benefit #3

Get a look behind the scenes

In the past, tracking was often a black box and difficult to understand. With mable, you can check and monitor your tracking in real time, down to each individual order. If anything should be off, mable will notify you via e-mail.

You’re in full Control of your tracking

Since iOS14.5 the trust in tracking is gone. We at Mable want to change that. With Mable, you not only get the technical basis to reliably track 100% of the conversions in your shop again, but also the possibility to control your tracking. With our unique dashboard, you get full insight into exactly what is being tracked and where it is being sent, down to each individual order. And the best thing: You can even influence it yourself. With mable, you can decide which data you want to track & where you want to send it.

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How does
mable work?


Shopify App

The Mable Shopify app implements tracking into your store in such a way that no additional tracking code needs to be loaded from external servers. While traditional Front-End Tracking can be blocked by ad blockers and Server-Side Tracking gets blocked by iOS14.5’s Pattern Recoginition, Mable’s special architecture makes it technically unblockable and allows it to evade both ad blockers as well as all blocking mechanisms of iOS14.5+.


Mable Engine

Due to Mable's unique design, the data is then transmitted to Mable in an equally unblockable way, converted there and transmitted to the respective destination (i.e. your own database & Facebook) in the required form. Mable processes the data in real time & ensures that the data is immediately alvailable where needed.



The additional data tracked by mable through overcoming technical obstacles (such as ad blockers and iOS 14.5) is then transfered to your Facebook Pixel. Due to the more complete data and the overall better data basis, Mable has a direct positive influence on your campaign performance. This leads to your Business Manager showing more conversions and increasing your profitability in real terms.



The Mable Dashboard gives you the best possible insight into the tracked data. This allows you to determine which data (e.g. with regard to DSGVO) may be tracked and where this data should be sent (e.g. your database & Facebook). With Mable, you can track every purchase down to the individual order and get a live insight into how well your tracking works.

What our clients think of mable

Julian Dienst

Julian Dienst

Co-Founder Heydrate
heydrate logo

Mable helped us to overcome our iOS 14 challenges. We did not only increase our performance (ROAS) by 30%, but also got back a clear view of our conversion data, which made it easier to test and scale.

Niclas Franke - Founder Olav

Niclas Franke

CFO Olav
myolav logo

Thanks to Mable, we were able to significantly improve our campaign performance. The event match quality has risen from 40% to 98% despite a headless setup.

Jason Modemann - Mawave

Jason Modemann

Co-Founder Mawave
Mawave logo

Mable was a real game changer for our Facebook campaigns. Not only has the profitability of our campaigns increased by 40% on average, but so have direct sales via Facebook Ads compared to before.

Marius Schmidt

Marius Schmidt

Co-Founder Soccess
soccess logo

With mable, we can finally rely on the KPIs displayed in the ad manager again. The meta-algorithm receives all data again, which has increased the performance of the ads by 40%.

How to integrate Mable?


Create a New Facebook Pixel & API Key

First, create a new Facebook Pixel and generate the API access key for it.

Needed time: 5 minutes
add data source

Create a New
DNS Entry

Next, create a DNS entry at your domain provider with values provided by us.

Needed time: 3 minutes
add data source

Install Custom Mable Shopify App

Finally, install the Mable Custom App into you Shopify Store with just one click on the install link provided by us.

Needed time: 1 minutes
add data source

The Team behind mable

Sean Braun von Stumm

Sean Braun von Stumm

Co-Founder | COO
Nils Jessen

Nils Jessen

Co-Founder | CeO
Matthias Schedel

Matthias Schedel

Co-Founder | CtO