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The Price is calculated dynamically at the end of each month based on the number of events tracked by Mable in that month.

Any Questions?

What’s the difference between Mable and other Tracking Tools?

We are often asked if Mable is comparable to other tools like Triplewhale, Tracify or other attribution tools. However, those tools are a completely different category of tools with a different purpose. These tools offer external attribution analysis, without passing the data to the algorithm.

Mable, on the other hand, records the conversion events in the shop as precisely and completely as possible and transfers this data directly to the platform algorithms via the Conversion API.

Is Mable GDPR compliant?

In the development of Mable we are working very closely with a Law Firm that specializes in Data Privacy to make sure Mable always complies with the most recent data privacy laws.  

Like all Tracking Tools, Mable can only track users in the EU if they have given their Consent to being tracked. As long as Mable is connected to the Consent Banner in your Shop, Mable tracking is 100% GDPR compliant.

Out of the box Mable can be integrated with most Consent Banners on the market. If you are using a special Consent Banner, you can always connect it manually to Mable via our Custom Consent API.

Why do companies use Mable?

With Mable, companies ensure that the advertising platforms they spend thousands of dollars on each month work as cost-efficient and accurate as possible to maximize the Return on Investment of their Marketing Spend. Through better Insights Mable also helps with decision making and budget allocation.

Which attribution windows does Mable support?

Since Mable focuses purely on accurate conversion data collection and sends this data directly to your advertising platform, Mable is not bound to any specific Attribution Window. Instead the respective advertising platform decides which Attribution Windows to offer.

However, we see significant increases in the number of attributed conversions, especially with very high CPAs and long customer journeys. This means the longer attribution windows offered by the platforms start to work better again when using Mable data.

Does Mable track in real time?

Yes, the average transmission time of Mable is less than 10 seconds.

Does Mable have an impact on page speed?

The Mable App/ Plugin is especially optimised for page speed. The size of the package is less than 50 kb and is therefore very small compared to other tools.